Below are links to various essays, articles and programmes that I’ve written in recent years:

The Lost Art of Listening:

Italian Football in the 1990s:

Giovannino Guareschi,
 the Italian Orwell:

Designing and Building a Desk
The Return of City States The Mafia in Lockdown

Coronavirus - what we've learned
The Case for Communalism
How coronavirus is changing us and our society
Life in lockdown in Parma, Italy
Exploring another stereotype about Italians Ultra - An interview and extract from the book
We’re All Living in Berlusconi’s World Now
Diabolik, king of football’s far-right ultras, died as he lived … violently
Italian mafia makes millions by exploiting migrants An unsolved murder at
 Italy’s most notorious tower block
The fascist movement that
 has brought Mussolini back
to the mainstream


The Joys and Benefits of


Inside Italy's Ultras


The Faustian Pact of Tourism

Rootlessness in the Countryside Free love or genocide? The trouble with Utopias 
A discussion on community solutions at the Royal Society of Arts
A discussion about the modern family on Radio 3
Beekeeping An Extract from A Place of Refuge

The Murder of Yara Gambirasio


The Murder of Daniele Lo Presti
30th Anniversary of Emanuela Orlandi's Disappearance


Addiction and Recovery


Italy's Third Republic

Ash Disease


Danilo Restivo finally convicted of murder

Tobias talks on Radio 4 about his new book, Blood on the Altar (Interview from minute 18.30 onwards) Download here

Brief Portrait of Italian Prime Minister, Mario Monti


Exploring the Stereotypes about Italy and England

An essay on Ross MacDonald, one of my literary heroes

The Tragedy of Justin Fashanu

And another of my heroes, Fabrizio De Andre

The Monster of Florence

A (pretend) interview with one of my (long-dead) heroes, G.K.Chesterton

Profile of a great English football manager

How on earth is Berlusconi still in power?

And again, same question

Am I repeating myself?

Danilo Restivo's Murder Conviction

An intriguing legal battle in Italy

The British expenses scandal (in Italian)

Plati - an outlaw town in Calabria

Yellow and Black - a review of recent Italian crime fiction

A half-hour documentary I wrote and presented for BBC Radio 4, “Piece by Piece”, about the 10th anniversary of the Assissi earthquake (produced by Simon Elmes) Download here (MP3 33Mb)
A half-hour documentary I wrote and presented for BBC Radio 4 about the “Tolstoyan Colony” of Whiteway in Gloucestershire (producer Mark Burman). Download here
The serialisation of Utopian Dreams on Radio 4’s Book of the Week:
Download Part 1 (MP3 11.1Mb), Part 2 (MP3 11.0Mb), Part 3 (MP3 10.9Mb), Part 4 (MP3 10.7Mb), Part 5 (MP3 10.9Mb)

If you’re interested in reading the latest bulletin from Windsor Hill Wood in the Observer magazine, click here.

An article about the woodland shelter my wife and I are running.

A follow-up article about the woodland one year on.