"...bursting with information about seasons and matches past... a serious, detailed and entertaining exploration of a fascinating subject."¯ Catholic Herald

"Dark but multi-layered... colourful... smart...Jones clearly feels affection for his pals on the terraces. But he is no apologist. He calls out the thuggery and criminality, describing the movement's litany of death, drugs and destruction
in unflinching terms."¯ Financial Times

"Splendidly researched... excellent"¯ The Spectator

"A cracking read."¯ 442 Magazine

"The author writes with economy and a reporter's eye, free of academic jargon or any sensationalism, even when covering the worst aspects of his subjects... His impressive book is comfortably the best English-language account of Italian fan culture.."¯ When Saturday Comes

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"There is much beauty in the story of Windsor Hill Wood. He [Jones] manages to take us with him into it, through meticulous detail that is by turns oppressive and inspiring… Jones is a sublime writer, who has the ability to bring tears to the eye.” The Telegraph

“It is Jones’s humanity and gift for characterisation that make his book so captivating… A deep tenderness reveals itself in descriptions of nature… His account rings with universal truths.” Financial Times

“Jones is admirably candid…This is no Hollywood-style tale of redemption and transformation. It is something much more honest: a warts-and-all account of what it is like to try a radically different way of living, and to not only survive, but have real triumphs… Thanks to Jones’s sense of humour, the book rarely feels ‘worthy’… [Jones is] admirably erudite, charming and reflective. To read this book is to imagine, even if only briefly, that a different way of living might be possible.” The Guardian

“Jones is very honest… The Joneses desire to rescue lost people is both magnificent and astonishing.” The Times

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"A brilliant and funny account of a country under the rule of one all-powerful ruler." Guardian
"Indispensible... should be packed in the travelling bags of all visitors to the bel paese." Independent on Sunday
"Subtle, witty, inventive and intelligent... illuminating and entertaining." Observer
"A provocate and entertaining polemic." Sunday Times
"Excellent." Andrew Marr, Daily Telegraph
"Superb." Evening Standard
"A mixture of bigotry and Marxism. Typical of a country where a branch of the parliament still wears wigs." Maurizio Gasparri, Minister for Communications in Silvio Berlusconi's government, 2001-5

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"Perceptive, thought-provoking and enormously engaging... not only an extremely wise book, but also an important one." Daily Telegraph
"Jones probes our modern dissatisfactions with an exemplary intelligence... very much a book for our time." Independent
"[Jones] has come to believe that 'there really are ways of living that are more noble and valid', and that many people are seeking them. Reading him, you start to believe it too." Sunday Times
"[An] erudite, informed and provoking exploration of community and individuality." Sunday Telegraph

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"A fast-talking, pocket-sized box-ticker of a private-dick novel, The Salati Case sees Tobias Jones revisit the modern Italian underworld he combed through in his 2003 non-fiction book The Dark Heart of Italy.... Angry, violent and uncompromising, with a shaved head, dead parents and a sideline in beekeeping, Castagnetti [the private detective] will be back, no danger: he is too good a creation to be restricted to a single case." Observer
"This is a worthy successor to Michael Dibdin". Evening Standard
"[This] promises to be an excellent series." Daily Telegraph
"Enjoyable." Independent
"Taut and thoughtful... fascinating detail." Guardian

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"Following his excellent debut...Jones writes with understanding, intelligence and prescience about the country of Berlusconi, bunga-bunga and bungs all round." The Guardian

"White Death is just the second adventure for the Parma PI known as Castagnetti, but already his creator, Tobias Jones, is being hailed as the new Michael Dibdin, the godfather of Italian crime writing in English." Irish Times

"As well as being a highly readable page-turning thriller, WHITE DEATH is a convincing depiction of Italy" Euro Crime

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"A chapter on the history, languages and flora of the Luciana, the province in which Potenza lies, also looks as if it has strayed into the narrative from somewhere else. However, it is so engaging, and so full of curiosity, that it turns out to be one of the book's highlights, comparable with the account of Jones's growing friendship with the Claps family. It is a grim story he has chosen to tell, but what lifts it out of simple horror is his passionate, inquisitive entanglement with a country he both loves and despairs of." Sunday Times (John Carey)
"More than his credentials as a travel writer, Jones's faithful obsession to know what happened to Elisa, and to link it to the wider corruption of Silvio Berlusconi's regime, is what raises his book almost to the same shelf as Peter Robb's Midnight in Sicily and Helen Garner's Joe Cinque's Consolation. It is a terribly good, terribly sad story that probably only Jones, with a foothold in both countries, could have written." Telegraph (Nicholas Shakespeare)

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'In Death of a Showgirl, out now from Faber, Jones gives us a Rome stripped bare of history, culture and, often, humanity. Anyone hoping for jolly wine-sipping philosophising policemen or even the odd Tuscan recipe will be disappointed. This is a private eye story in the Ross Macdonald mould (a pretty good mould to come from) and not a tourist guide.' Mike Ripley, Shotsmag

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  Some of these books are available in Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, Ukrainian, American English and so on.