OK I admit Iím biased but spoon carving is just so perfect, as a profession or as a hobby. Top quality tools are cheap. The projects are short term and easy to start but the skills are challenging to master. The wood is easy to get hold of and usually free. Spoons are a perfect gift as they are special but something that most people use everyday. Whittling can be very sociable as itís quiet, dust free and can be done inside without a large complex workshop. But most of all thereís the feeling of satisfaction as a beautiful spoon emerges in your hands as long curly shavings drift towards the floor.

Course Tutor: Barn

Since turning a wooden bowl at the age of twelve I have been obsessed with wood. Over the years this obsession has developed into a desire to create practical and beautiful objects for ordinary people to use on a daily basis. Though initially self-taught, I have gained my knowledge of chair-making and green woodwork from Mike Abbott (green wood guru). I have also gained much knowledge and inspiration from Ben Orford (tool-maker/green woodworker) and Robin Wood (bowl-turner/spoon carver). My main focus this year has been street-selling wooden spoons with a peddlerís certificate, sleeping in a bivouac in a wood, carving spoons by the campfire to wake up the next day and get to a town or city to sell my spoons. See here for more about me.

Introduction to Spoon Carving

The aim of the one day course is to teach you skills that you will be able to take away with you and use at home. You will learn:

  • How to use axes, knives, crooked knives and saws efficiently. This includes various knife grips, wasting techniques (removing material) and carving techniques. Above all, youíll learn how to cut safely and efficiently.
  • How to equip yourself appropriately and how to maintain a razor sharp edge to your tools.
  • How to select the right wood for the right job according to each woodís characteristics and the eventual purpose of the spoon.
By the end of the course you will have at least one wooden spoon or spatula to take home and use.

We start at 10:00 and finish at 17:30, there will be a morning and afternoon break with tea/coffee and an abundance of biscuits. Lunch will be vegetarian soup with bread, cheese and salad.

The cost of this one day course is £70. To book your place, please download a copy of our application form.

26th February (Saturday) FULL
26th March (Saturday)
23rd April (Saturday)

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